Mission & Outreach

The Lord Jesus, before returning to heaven, commissioned His church to take the Gospel into the whole world. He showed that since He is the Mediatorial King with all authority in heaven and earth the church should send forth ambassadors into the whole world. These ambassadors take the message of the Kingdom. The Reformed Presbyterian Church takes this call seriously.


The biggest need in our nation is the Gospel. There are thousands of people going to a lost eternity and many false shepherds that don’t know Christ and do not love His sheep. The Gospel must be proclaimed faithfully in every city, town, and village of our country. Each of our congregations seeks to be active in spreading the Gospel message and hopes to see God bring dead sinners to life in Christ.

If all of Scotland is to hear the Gospel then the church must go out to places that have no Gospel witness. One way that we do this is through church planting. Our North Edinburgh church is a church plant, or a baby church. It does not have leadership of its own but is nurtured by leaders from another congregation in our Presbytery. We hope that God opens opportunities for us to develop more church plants in the future.

Outside Scotland

The Reformed Presbyterian Church of Scotland works together with the Reformed Presbyterian Church in Ireland to engage in missions. Included are various church plants in Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland, plus a mission church in Nantes, France. We hope to see further avenues of service opening in the future by the Lord’s grace.

Besides these missions that we have a direct role in, we also support in prayer the work of the Reformed Presbyterian Church worldwide, which includes churches in USA, Canada, Australia, and Japan with other works developing in various Asian countries and South America. The Reformed Presbyterian Church in North America has also supported missionary work in South Sudan and Cyprus.

For those who wish to support the work of missions in the Reformed Presbyterian Church there are various missions teams that serve local churches. Go Teams are organised by the Irish RP Church and RP Missions Teams are organised by the North American RP Church.