Jesus Christ

Jesus Christ is the most important person that has ever lived. The reason for this bold statement is because He both was and is fully God and fully man. Jesus was not merely an interesting religious teacher. No, as the Son of God, He has always existed without beginning and without end. He was never dependent on anyone or anything, in fact He created the world and all things are dependent upon Him.

Jesus voluntarily took on human form to live in our world, sharing our experiences, our infirmities, our sorrows, but crucially not our sins. While we break God’s commands every day in our hearts and fail to give Him the complete obedience He demands, Jesus lived a life of perfect and full obedience to the requirements of God’s Law. Never has there been one so perfectly acceptable to God!

This sinless, righteous One deserved all glory and reward, but instead He was shamed and abused by men and afflicted and cursed by God. Jesus was executed as a common criminal. How could this unfair treatment be given to Him? How could God allow this bad thing to happen to a good person? Jesus was willingly laying down His life as a substitute for the people of God. Jesus took the wrath and curse of God so that God’s people could experience life and blessing.

The story of Jesus’ life, found in the Gospel, is not an historic event that we can ignore. No, Jesus rose from the dead and is Lord over all. We must all serve Him, and yet do you not find your sin as a barrier? Jesus’ life of righteousness is good enough to cover over your sin and give you peace with God. God is gracious enough to provide salvation to proud sinners that He could justly destroy. You have sin that needs to be forgiven if you will have peace with God. The Gospel will provide this forgiveness, however it will by no means do that unless you hate your sin and failed attempts to please God and instead believe that Jesus is the only One who can save you from a lost eternity of God’s wrath for your sin.

Jesus Christ is the most important person that has ever lived because He can bring sinners to peace with God. Is Jesus Christ the most important person to you?