The Communion Services are due to take place in the congregation from 17th-21st February. The preachers will be Rev Donald Macdonald, Rev Stephen McCollum and Rev Jonathan Baxter (Stornoway APC).

The Lord’s Day services will be held in the Bridge Centre. All other services will be held in the Gospel Hall, Bayhead. The service times are as follows:

Thursday 17th February 7.30pm—Rev Donald Macdonald

Friday 18th February  7.30pm—Rev Donald Macdonald

Saturday 19th February  11.00am—Rev Jonathan Baxter

Saturday 19th February 6.30pm—Prayer Meeting

Lord’s Day 20th February  11.00am—Rev. Stephen McCollum

Lord’s Day 20th February 6.30pm—Rev Stephen McCollum

Monday 21st February  7.30pm—Rev Stephen McCollum