The February communion services are due to take place in the congregation from 14th-18th February. The visiting ministers will be Rev. Kenneth Stewart (Gardner Street) and Rev. George Macaskill (Rtd APC).

We were unable to book the Bridge Centre for the additional services. However, we have been kindly granted the use of the Brethren Hall, Bayhead. All of the services, aside from the Lord’s Day services, will be held in the Brethren Hall, as follows:

Thursday 14th February 7.30pm—Rev. George Macaskill  (Brethren Hall)

Friday 15th February 7.30pm—Rev. Kenneth Stewart (Brethren Hall)

Saturday 16th February 11.00am—Rev. Kenneth Stewart  (Brethren Hall)

Saturday 16th February 6.30pm—Prayer Meeting (Brethren Hall)

Lord’s Day 17th February 11.00am—Rev. Kenneth Stewart (Bridge Centre)

Lord’s Day 17th February 6.30pm—Rev. Kenneth Stewart (Bridge Centre)

Monday 18th February 7.30pm—Rev. George Macaskill (Brethren Hall)


Stornoway Gospel Hall