Synod Psalm Singing

A brief video at the end of the recent RPCNA synod with the singing of Psalm 133, is available Here. ... Read More

Synod Psalm Singing2018-07-04T04:33:30-07:00

Loving the Stranger

During last night's sermon by the Minister on Love Your Enemy (Here), he referred those we may find difficult to love. Further to ... Read More

Loving the Stranger2018-05-07T02:42:59-07:00

Cullybackey RP Church

Our minister's home congregation, Cullybackey RPCI, was this month featured in a BBC documentary, as part of an Ulster-Scots Series. It includes an interview ... Read More

Cullybackey RP Church2018-04-13T00:58:54-07:00

How can I best support my pastor?

An important question dealt with in a brief video by Dr. Ligon Duncan…

How can I best support my pastor?2017-12-20T08:59:40-07:00
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