New Year’s Day Service

The New Year's Day service will be held at 12 midday at the Gospel Hall, Bayhead on Wednesday. All welcome.

New Year’s Day Service2019-12-27T02:08:30-07:00

December Newsletter

The congregational newsletter for December is available (Here).

December Newsletter2019-12-02T07:01:58-07:00

November Good News

The November edition of Good News, our denominational magazine, is available to download (Here).

November Good News2019-11-26T08:35:12-07:00

Inter-Denominational Prayer Meeting

There will be an Inter-denominational prayer meeting held this Friday, 8th November, at 7.30pm at the APC on Keith Street.

Inter-Denominational Prayer Meeting2019-11-04T01:40:10-07:00

November Newsletter

The congregational newsletter for November is available (Here).

November Newsletter2019-10-28T01:08:13-07:00

October Newsletter

The congregational newsletter for October is available to download (Here).

October Newsletter2019-09-30T01:36:48-07:00

September Newsletter

The congregational newsletter for September is available to download (Here). It includes the last in the series by the minister, ... Read More

September Newsletter2019-09-02T00:38:14-07:00

Communion Services

The August communion services are due to take place in the congregation from 22-26 August. The visiting minister will ... Read More

Communion Services2019-08-22T00:25:35-07:00

Good News – August Edition

The August edition of Good News, the RPCS denominational magazine, can be found Here.

Good News – August Edition2019-08-06T02:44:14-07:00