September Newsletter

The congregational newsletter for September is now available (Here).

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August Communion Services

Regrettably, due to family illness, our visiting minister is unable to take our Communion services. The services

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Good News – July Edition

The July edition of Good News, the Scottish RP Church magazine, is available Here.

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August Newsletter

The congregational newsletter for August is available Here.

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The 187th synod of the Reformed Presbyterian Church of North America was held in Marion, Indiana last week. A brief summary of

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July Newsletter

The congregational newsletter for July is available Here.

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June Newsletter

Please find the congregational newsletter for June Here.

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RP Mission Team 2018

Meet the RP Mission Team who will be in Stornoway from 18th-25th June Here.

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LDOS Annual Rally 2018

If you missed Friday's LDOS Rally at the Town Hall, the audio can be found on our Sermon Audio page Here. The

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May Newsletter

The congregational newsletter for May is available (Here).

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